Guide To Fix [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] Error

Are you looking through how you can solve [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error? If yes here you will discover a few strategies that will fix this issue.

Microsoft viewpoint is a similarly significant part of the correspondence in our life. Some of the time things work pleasantly and sometimes get the error [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f]. One of those errors and we are probably going to examine this to resolve it.

[pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error code comes in MS outlook gadget and as all of you recognize MS outlook is acclaimed programming that’s made for sending and tolerating mail and critical messages.

Today we as an entire are dependent on technology and MS outlook is that the best advancement for by and large useful, you’ll undoubtedly talk with somebody else who evades you anyway now then we face blunder code issues [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] which are extremely upsetting.

What Are the Reasons that are causing [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error?

Errors may occur frequently or unexpectedly. But specific reasons cause you to face the error. We are leaving here the reasons that may be the culprits of the error:

  1. One primary reason is the flaw in the installation procedure of Microsoft Outlook. When you install the application, you may see the [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error code during the process. Then, you open the application or Windows, and you can encounter this error.
  2. Most of us use multiple email accounts on our Outlook app. The repetitive login and log-out of these accounts in the same app may also cause the error code. Also, this error may pop up if you do not clean the app cache and cookies properly.
  3. The conflict between multiple applications for email-tasking may be another reason to get the code. The Outlook may conflict with other apps and fail to work correctly. Thus, the app-clash crashes the Outlook email system, and the code appears.
  4. We may have limited internet or insufficient attention to timely upgrading the Microsoft Outlook software. Often, the non-up-gradation to the latest version of the software can cause [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error code.
  5. There can be a non-specific reason. The technical mistake may be unidentifiable sometimes by us. Thus, the support team can explain why this error is happening.

Various methods to solve [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error

Finding a viable and feasible solution to the problem a person is facing is essential. The following are the four easy ways to fix up the issues of error pop up:

Fix 1: Check SMTP configuration

Sometimes SMTP server settings have been changed due to any blunder. Therefore before going another way, make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. To do this, you need to follow the commands.

First of all, open your Outlook application and move to the help menu. Then pick the emails option and further choose email accounts. After this, tick on the advance tap and view your SMTP configuration setting. If something wrong, make crucial alternations and hit on the save menu.

When you have done this all procedure, go back to the home screen. And open your outlook device and try to send an email to check this [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error.

Fix 2: Choosing an auto repair tool

It is a tool that helps with automatic correction and repair of the problem occurring in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Go for checking the details about the software by going to the control panel and the tool’s function setup.
  • Turn on the Office 365 application and choose the Microsoft application for the repair.
  • Change the button at the start of the application and select the type of fix required.
  • Click on a fix and follow the commands on the screen of the window. Try going for the net version of the fixing tool.
  • Try restarting Microsoft Outlook. If the application does not work, go to contact the technicians.

Fix 3: Removing third party email application

Sometimes, having more than one email application can hinder the working of Microsoft Outlook.

  • It is due to the conflict between two email applications and creates issues whenever an individual uses it.
  • One must remove the untrusted source or the third-party application from the computer to cater to a smoother working.
  • Once removed, check by reopening Microsoft Outlook to see if the error has been resolved.

Different reasons may contribute to a similar error in different user’s working gadgets. The best is to use workable and small methods to check for error at the user end. If not, the customer care is always at service.

Fix 4: Change Antivirus Configurations

If you have recently installed an Antivirus program on your PC, it might be configured to automatically scan emails. If that’s the case, the Antivirus will restrict the Outlook app from functioning properly. So, make sure to change the Antivirus Configurations by disabling the “Email Scanning” feature.

Fix 5: Update of the Microsoft Outlook

The inability to update your software to the latest version of the software could be the initial glitch on the user’s perspective.

  • Make sure that your computer or laptop runs the latest version of Outlook. If it is, then install the latest version of Outlook and delete the older version.
  • By updating the previous version, you will allow you to access your files in the latest version.
  • If a brand new Microsoft Office was installed, you may need to make the backup of essential files.
  • Choose a simple file transfer. If Outlook is still showing an error, it is recommended to get in touch with customer support.

Fix 6: Log out all duplicate accounts

If you use duplicate accounts in your MS Outlook application, you may face this error [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f]. Therefore if you want to remove this error [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] from your screen, then log out of all duplicate and multiple accounts from your outlook application. And login your outlook with only one account.

When you have done this all procedure, go back to the home screen. And open your MS Outlook application and try to send an email to check the [pii_email_7f145965968cae8c3f8f] error.


The majority of Microsoft Outlook errors come up because of glitches and issues in the process of installing. First, one must look for the simplest and most effective ways to solve the issue that can be handled by anyone. It is easier to do and can be completed by anyone. If the issue persists and isn’t resolved it, getting in touch with Microsoft’s headquarters or calling an expert can be the best option. Assistance to investigate the cause, pinpoint, and reduce the issue. It will also provide flawless software to the user.

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