Getting Started with Bulk SMS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bulk messaging is a powerful tool most businesses adopt to upscale their services and revenue. Its importance has spanned across various industries revolutionizing how businesses interact with their audience. Multiple sectors and institutions have also adopted these services to connect to a broader audience. One primary reason for its increased usage is its cost efficiency. Besides, the delivery time is quick, and each message can be customized in a personalized manner.

Talking about bulk sms service providers, various companies are providing such services. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. TextLocal

It is a UK-based company working in India in partnership with IMI Mobiles. Popular services of this platform include SMS campaigns, two-way interactions, instant OTPs, etc. Personalize your bulk messages by adding names and contact information via the merge fields. In addition, you can add files such as images, PDS, documents, etc. The best part is that real-time sms tracking is available to never miss any update. What makes TextLocal the best bulk sms service is its straightforward interface.

Compose messages in 20+ regional languages, thus catering to a broader audience. Talking about its pricing, you get the first ten messages for free. Later you will be charged Rs 275 for 1000 messages and so on. Thus choose a plan which best matches your preferences and is a step ahead of your competitors.

  • Digimiles

This platform invests heavily in its resources to provide effortless SMS services. Many top brands are connected to their services, which justifies their commitment and reliability. Interestingly, the platform works on the credit pricing model. It means if you purchase 100 credits, then a total of 100 sms can be delivered. Each message consists of the usual length of 160 characters, along with your preferred multimedia files. TRAI regulates the entire procedure, as customers have to complete the DLT registration before signing up.

The transactional sms service provides user verification via OTP, cart abandonment, transaction receipts, order & shipping updates, etc.

  • Fast2Sms

It is another fantastic platform to assist you in sending bulk messages. Its innovative interface attracts individuals of all ages to use the services efficiently. Easily send transactional or promotional sms that best serves your cause. Individuals in startups, corporates, and institutions can use these services best. Developers can also send website integration and software-based sms.

Planning for an event and want to invite a mass audience regarding the same? Schedule your SMS with appropriate details for future remainders. In addition, you can also import the bulk data from the Excel files.

  • 2Factor

2Factor ties with Tier 1 service providers to offer a minimum delivery delay of around 2 to 6 seconds. This is a good number when compared to other providers in the market. Its routing algorithm repairs the failed messages via backup operators. In addition, this gateway features pay-per-delivery for OTPs, estimated to deliver within 15 secs. The best part is that 2Factor masks the contact information, restricting companies from reselling your data.

Regarding their prices, the first 1000 messages require around Rs 165. Eventually, increase your order size as per the budget and requirements. With global coverage, the platform offers services to DND numbers too.

  • SMSHorizon

SMSHorizon is known for its high-performance and quality services. With an uptime of 99.99%, the audience instantly receives the sent messages, either promotional or professional texts. In addition, the platform claims to provide the lowest pricing in the entire industry. The starter packs cost around Rs 400, providing a monthly limit of 10000 messages. Startups or businesses can opt for the Enterprise plan, which charges Rs.1,500 for 2,00,000 SMS monthly. Opting for a yearly subscription will provide you with an additional discount of 30%.

Thanks to the strong backend of the platform, users can send up to 500000 messages in a single hit. Access the required details on the platform, which includes tracking reports, missed calls, and shortcodes. Try the free trials to get a better understanding of the overall functionality.

  • TextGuru

With genuine prices, TextGuru aims to provide bulk sms services with minimum delays. The platform commits to upscale your business by offering 24/7 services. Even the OTPs are delivered within 2 to 5 seconds for better accessibility. If you are a startup owner, opt for the bronze plan, which has a one-year validity. With 7 days of money back guaranteed, your hard-earned money is in safe hands. Besides English, there are 21+ other languages to explore. Thus carry on with your marketing and promotional SMS.

  • Gupshup

This innovative platform facilitates developers who plan to integrate their systems with bulk messaging services. Send customized messages to single or multiple customers as per your preferences. Moreover, the platform supports global languages to cater to the worldwide audience. In addition, generate real-time sms delivery reports through 30+ messaging channels. The pricing model is pay per message and charges money once the messages are delivered.

  • Infobip

Infobip allows users to send sms globally using its smart API. Enjoy the highest delivery rates, which ensures a good conversion for your sales. Promote business with its branded messages that offer consumers a sense of security. Schedule messages so that your consumers never miss any updates. As per the latest reports, around 90% read SMS from Infibip within 3 mins of delivery. Sign up with the required details to try the free trial version. On facing issues, contact the experts of this platform for customized solutions.

  • SMS Root

It is amongst the best bulk messaging platform, considering its low rates. In this competitive market, providing services at this rate is truly commendable. Moreover, the user interface is innovative, and the services are categorized uniformly for easy navigation. The silver standard sms plan provides sms services at an affordable rate of 17 paise per message. Thus get a total of 10000 SMS at Rs 1700. The program includes a fixed 6 alphabet sender id and delivery to DND customers.

Wrapping Up

Thus in a world where effective communication sets successful businesses apart, the abovementioned platforms benefit all individuals. Consider some common factors, such as ROI regulations and data security, before opting for any services.

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